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Norm’s Nasty Nachos

Norms Nasty Nachos



These are easy to make and much better than you get most places.


1. Cut the jalepeño chilies into small pieces.  Cut the cheese into chunks and place in a bowl with a few shakes of the green Tabasco.  Melt the cheese in a microwave.  You can, of course, do this in a pan on the stove.  When the cheese is bubbling, throw the jalepeño pieces in and give it a few stirs.

2. Put a layer of chips on a flame-proof plate.  Then cover with a layer of cheese, followed by a layer of chips, etc.  Do this for about 4 or 5 layers, finally topping with a thick layer of cheese.

3. Stick under the broiler for a few minutes until the cheese is bubbling.  Serve with a pitcher of margaritas and plenty of napkins.

1 6-ounce can jalapeño chilies

1 pound strong Cheddar or Monterey Jack Cheese

Tabasco Jalepeño Sauce
{this is green and made from jalepeños rather than the usual red stuff }

1 pack tortilla chips, nacho chips, etc
15 mins